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Your Yearbook
  1. 2017 - 2018 Magnolia Junior High School Yearbook

    2017 - 2018 Magnolia Junior High School Yearbook

    Thank you for visiting our site and placing your yearbook order! MJH yearbooks will in May. We will make an announcement and have a signing party in the gym for all pre-orders. You will receive a 96-page hard-cover book that is FULL color! Please print the receipt for your online order and save for your records. We will have documentation from this site that you have pre-ordered your book.
Yearbook Accessories
  1. Donate a Book

    Donate a Book

    Make a difference by donating a yearbook to a deserving student. (Recipient will be determined by yearbook staff.)
  2. Keepsake Sleeves

    Keepsake Sleeves

    Clear, plastic pouch comes with an adhesive back that can be attached to a yearbook. Keep your photos, tickets, notes and other school memories inside. Two per package.
  3. Bling Accessory Pack

    Bling Accessory Pack

    A fun collection of stickers & jewels to add personality to your yearbook.
  4. Yearbook Stickies

    Yearbook Stickies

    Point to a specific memory with these fun stickers. 5 pads of 20 stickies each.
  5. Protective Cover, Clear, in Book Size 8

    Protective Cover, Clear, in Book Size 8

    Protect your yearbook memories with this spillproof clear plastic cover.
  6. Autograph Section Size 8

    Autograph Section Size 8

    Insert this special 8-page autograph section with a glue strip, allowing more room for students and faculty to write personal messages.
  7. Autograph QR Code Sticker Set

    Autograph QR Code Sticker Set

    Use these stickers as your own unique yearbook autograph! Link them to your personal video, slideshow, social media site or blog. Set of 50 stickers.

    Click here to learn more about autograph QR codes.

  8. Signing Pen Set

    Signing Pen Set

    Make your mark in the yearbook with this 4-piece set of extra fine permanent markers. The fine point nylon tips are ideal for autographing yearbooks. Pen colors: black, blue, green, red.
  9. Ribbon Bookmark in Size 7/8

    Ribbon Bookmark in Size 7/8

    Bookmark features 5 colored ribbons to mark those special pages. Slip this bookmark into your yearbook spine or use the adhesive sticker.