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Auburn University - Individual Products
  1. Personalized Announcements (25 per pack)

    Personalized Announcements (25 per pack)

    Put your name, degree, major, plus any honors in the text to announce the date and time of your graduation. Includes formal inner and outer envelopes and proper Auburn University type style.
  2. Auburn University School Seal Thank-You Notes/Informals (25 per pack)

    Auburn University School Seal Thank-You Notes/Informals (25 per pack)

    Show your Auburn University spirit with notes emblazoned with the Auburn University Seal.
  3. Custom Envelope Seals (25 per pack)

    Custom Envelope Seals (25 per pack)

    An elegant gold foil appliqué with Official Auburn University seals is used on your announcement inner envelope and Thank You Notes to add a more formal look.
  4. Personalized Address Labels (60 per pack)

    Personalized Address Labels (60 per pack)

    These labels come pre-addressed with student’s name and address for mailing announcements and Thank You Notes.
  5. Appreciation Gift

    Appreciation Gift

    This made-to-order certificate with special Auburn University cover will honor those loved ones who have been supportive through the years.
  6. Keepsake Leather Announcement

    Keepsake Leather Announcement

    This seven-page, hand sewn booklet features an announcement text page, etchings of selected campus buildings and the Alma Mater.
  7. Souvenir Announcement Cover

    Souvenir Announcement Cover

    Display a sample of your graduation announcement with this handsome cover featuring the Auburn University Seal and mini orange tassel