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Your Yearbook
  1. 2017-2018 Moorhead Junior High School Yearbook

    2017-2018 Moorhead Junior High School Yearbook

    Your yearbook which holds precious memories that will never be forgotten.
Yearbook Accessories
  1. 2017 - 2018 YearZine Size 8

    2017 - 2018 YearZine Size 8

    Forever remember what's going on in the world with this 16-page, four-color current events magazine in your yearbook. Attaches with adhesive glue strip. * Image is representation only.
  2. Yearbook Stickies

    Yearbook Stickies

    Point to a specific memory with these fun stickers. 5 pads of 20 stickies each.
  3. Autograph Section Size 8

    Autograph Section Size 8

    Insert this special 8-page autograph section with a glue strip, allowing more room for students and faculty to write personal messages.
  4. Signing Pen Set

    Signing Pen Set

    Make your mark in the yearbook with this 4-piece set of extra fine permanent markers. The fine point nylon tips are ideal for autographing yearbooks. Pen colors: black, blue, green, red.